Underwear for the well-hung man
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Underwear for the well-hung man

In what could be the most clever marketing ploy ever a Swedish company is offering underwear for “well-hung men in need of elegant Christmas presents”. No man shopping for underwear is going to grab oridnary jocks off the shelf thereby announcing he’s less than magnificently equipped down below. Women will, of course, play to their man’s ego by buying the yes-honey-you’re-huge undies. Brilliant!

Everything is not as it seems here, however. The jocks are sort of a man-package Wonderbra that lifts and makes the dangly-bits more prominent – wearers will stand out from the crowd, so to speak. Watch the action-packed video.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing the undies can do for Australian men born without testicles – what will these ambassadors for Australia do for an encore after mocking non-white speech patterns?

Update: The link immediately above – to a mob of self-styled vigilante try-hards – has been disabled.