Mothers Protest Na-young Case
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Mothers Protest Na-young Case

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Young mothers in the Suwon area angered by the Jo Du-sun Case, in which a child was sexually assaulted, have gone out to public places to demand higher punishments for those who sexually assault children.

Over 20 members of the Naver cafe “Suwon Pretty Mothers Group” (수원예쁜엄마모임) gathered at the south entrance of Suwon Station from 4 om to 6 pm on the 10th, demonstrating against Jo Du-sun and in favor of criminal law reforms.

Having brought their children, they handed out papers which said, “we condemn the man Jo du-sun who in December 2008 completely destroyed the life of a child, and are here to show with all our hearts that we wish no more such thing will happen.”

It continues, “Jo Du-sun violated a child to satisfy his momentary lusts and inflicted a lifelong disability on her while trying to remove the evidence… But Jo Du-sun, lacking any trace of a conscience, complained that his 12-year prison sentence was too heavy.”

They said, “among advanced nations such as the United States and Europe, criminals who sexually assault children can be isolated from society through life imprisonment or chemically castrated, and in China and Iran they can be executed… But in our country there are no such strong laws, and we are too lenient towards sex criminals.”

They also said, “those who sexually assault children are criminals of low humanity and high danger of re-offending, but because of excuses like ‘feeble mental condition’ they can get off light punishments such as probation and fines… We demand that the criminal law be reformed and those who sexually assault children be given the highest possible punishment.”

The manager of the cafe, Yun Hyeon-ju, argued, “because of the Jo Du-sun case many formerly hidden cases of child sexual assault are coming to light… The 12-year sentence that Jo Du-sun received for terribly sexually assaulting ‘Na-young’ is too light.”

Mrs. Yun added, “right now our country is not a good place to live, we have to be careful… Our online movement is seeking systemic legal and political action to safeguard our children and be able to send them to play.”

The “Jo Du-sun case” occurred on December 11th of last year. An eight-year old girl known as Kim Na-young was walking to school in Ansan when she was kidnapped into a church bathroom by Jo Du-sun, who terribly sexually assaulted her. The case became a national scandal when reported on the 22nd of last month by the KBS program 시사기획 쌈.

After being sexually assaulted by Mr. Jo, Na-young suffered injuries including hernia-like symptoms and damage to her genitals and underwent eight hours of surgery that saved her life but left her without an anus or intestines and having lost 80% of her genital organs and must live the rest of her life with those disabilities.

But the sex criminal Mr. Jo was sentenced to 12 years in prison by a court which found he was a re-offense and very drunk at the time of the offense. Dissatisfied, Mr. Jo appealed but the Supreme Court recently confirmed the 12-year sentence.

Because of this, on- and off-line citizens have been criticizing Mr. Jo’s vicious crime and his sentence, and there is also a petition.

In other news in the case, the little girl’s father revealed in an interview with KBS on the 13th that his daughter had to go to the prosecutor’s offices to testify five times because their recording equipment kept failing to work properly. He also said that his daughter still has scars on her face and that her dream now is to become a doctor who helps people in pain.