Good times with Big Green
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Good times with Big Green

Don’t be surprised if the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Tony Jones looks a bit flushed on television later this week. Jones could be forgiven for tiredness after his epic bio-diesel moped ride – at least, I assume that’s how he got there – to today’s Carbon Expo conference on the Gold Coast.

Despite the fact that climate change is an issue that features regularly on Jones’s programs and that his strident alarmism is a sore point among sceptics, the ABC have no problem with him attending the conference as a paid guest. They obviously have a very liberal interpretation of their code of conduct and especially point 4.4.

Jones apparently asks for between $5,000 and $10,000 for each public appearance, a nice little earner in anyone’s language, and much of it ultimately comes from a range of event sponsors who might – or might not – find themselves the subject of a news story on one of his television shows.

All of this raises the question, why is it that climate alarmists like Jones are quick to condemn sceptical scientists for having anything so much as a BP customer loyalty card, but the warmist faithful are pretty much free to do whatever they like?

As good an example of this as any is the activities of warmist deity himself, Al Gore. Another example is this year’s allegedly scientific Catlin Expedition to the Arctic – all funded by the World Wildlife Fund and a range of other vested interests. Media releases put out before the expedition even set off made it clear that they were going to make the WWF happy with what they found.

As it turned out, those on the expedition were dogged,  hilariously and predictably, by the extreme coldThey experienced catastrophic instrument failure and didn’t even manage to make it half way to the pole.

Were the expeditioners paid by WWF? We still don’t know but the stories they brought back were never likely to contradict their major sponsors.

Also high up in the list of sponsors for these kinds of events are insurance firms, carbon offset sellers and various groups that have vested interests in perpetuating climate change dogma. Not that there’s anything wrong with groups like this sponsoring science, but the problem comes when it is not acknowledged.

Shysters have already followed the money into carbon offsets and there is no doubting that they will follow this new green trail wherever it leads.