A whole world of stupid
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A whole world of stupid

As I type, the international 350 climate change protests are done here in Australia, but are still sweeping around the world. Protesters were encouraged to display the 350 logo and send in the photos. Here is a selection, just in:

 * mmmh, a bit short of actual protesters, were we?

* Now that’s what I call commitment to a cause. 

* One of the more intelligent protest groups you’ll see here.

* If a sideways ice stonehenge doesn’t make people see reason, I just don’t know what will.

* Now kids, you do know balloons are supposed to be not that great for the environment, don’t you? If you let go of those things, we’ll be finding bits of plastic around the place for years to come. Oh never mind.

* I know! Let’s all stand in a circle wearing roller skates for the environment.

* When these smallgoods emerge from their ice prisons there will be hell to pay.

* Erm, what the caption says.

* Uh oh. Somebody, somewhere is wondering why their lava lamp just went out.

* Is this possibly the world’s lamest protest action? No, not as lame as this. Did you guys want lame?

* I bet it will impress motorists if we go around telling them they are stupid.

* Man, I thought you said you were going to bring the paint?

* Hey, why is the guy in English class covering his face?

* How do those numbers go again?

* “This is where the last 45 New Zealand Fairy Terns on Earth nest.” Lemme guess, was it climate change what done it, or just humans messing with their environment?

* At last, some people we can  agree with.

* But otherwise, everything’s just dandy…

* Okay people, could everyone just stay on message. Please… Please? 

* Yes, but do the fish want to swim with you?

* Whatever happened to Autumn?

* I’m not sure that I can say why, but this is my all time favourite climate change protest image, right here.