Pansak Interview: Of Sondhi, Taksin and Abhisit-and Billionairs Hovering About
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Pansak Interview: Of Sondhi, Taksin and Abhisit-and Billionairs Hovering About

p>By Tammy-this blog humanity journalist

  • What cause the riff in Taksin and Sondhi’s relations?

I do not know, what do you think?

  • I think it was about Taksin reject to help on the TV and KTB situation.

Perhaps, but I don not think that is it. Sondhi knows Taksin hands were tied and can not help in those situation. And both still had the future to look forward to. I think it is something else.

  • Can you put your finger on it?

I think it was the mood of the country that was against Taksin on all top levels at anywhere you looked. That placed pressure on Shodhi as he was one of the last major player that is still on Taksin side.

  • So Sondhi bailed out of a sinking ship like a rat and left the captain to die with the ship?

My take on Sondhi is along that line, but there is more. I am a close friend of his, and he is a very smart businessman who saw an opportunity.

  • You mean Taksin is a stepping stone?

I would not call it that, but he just simply saw a chance to rise as Taksin fell. It is normal for smart businessmen to do that and I don’t blame him. Why should he go down with Taksin, especially when there is a way to benrfit from the fall.

  • Do you think Taksin will keep falling or will he rebound?

Taksin has the capability to rebound, but the odds are stacked against him. Even today, any objective observation will see that Abhisit is much worse, but suddenly, there is no more objectivity in Thailand. It is all emotion now in Thailand with little reason. Taksin is a reasonable man but the market is very irrational.

  • How bad is Abhisit?

Abhisit is not bad, he is just riding the righ wing wave very well and that takes him over reasonable limits at times. But he is not all that bad as a person. He is capable and highly determined. The downside to that is that is is not flexible and can loose touch with the people.

  • What do you think will happen between the Sondhi and Abhisit?

I am no longer involved in Thai politics that much, with my advising firm. But Abhisit has shown himself to be a tiger. And Sondhi is like the Lion. If they can solve their conflict, it can be a great relationship, but if they can not, it may be a killing field. I hope both of them the best. They are both my friend.

  • Don’t you care at all about Taksin or the Red Shirt anymore?

Sure I care a great deal, but I also care about Thailand. Taksin is still my best friend and I care and worry about him. But life goes on. What I am more concern now is about Thailand’s future. I am worried more about democracy, liberty, social-justice and freedom.

  • But is not Taksin fighting for those things?

Yes and no. He is fighting mainly for his human rights and his dignity. I try to tell him that Thailand has never supported human rights and dignity. But he says he has no choice. Yes it is also about his fortune, but that is part of what he made all his life before politics, and so it is really also about justice and fairplay.

  • Why did Thailand’s upper levels turned against Taksin? Is it just a fear of the poor rising?

If it is the fear of the poor rising up, then Abhisit should be doing something else. But it is not about that. The sad fact is that taksin is a CEO type. he is very senior, very capable and comes from a business background. It is like Chartchai multiplied by a hundred. Thailand is not a company however, and have many entrenched stake holders who saw Taksin as a threat to their position. It is not about class struggle at all.

  • When will Sondhi return to being the old guy we all know and love?

I suspect he has changes permanently, very caught up in his greatness now. I can still remember his books asking why ahould a person climb to the top when there is not top, but those days are gone. He is looking to be a prime minister. Taksin will be used for that objective as long as it works. I personally feel sorry for him that he is now so much into power and advancement. It is not very sufficiency-like at all.

  • What do you think of the Thai royalty? Will they ever adopt to the modern world?

I just heard his majesty talked about creativity and new ideas only a few days ago. I think the palace has changed a great deal but the people do not see it. I am a subject of his majesty and I respect many things he is dedicated to. I hope the institution will be a part of Thailand into the future. The newer generation from the palace are different, and they are at the cutting edge and understand modernity very well. I think the new generation will carrty the institution forward and I believe it is in good hands.

  • Thank you very much Khun Pansak.

You are very welcome Tammy.

  • On, I forgot. What about Taksin the corrupt?

You forget because you do not think about it anymore. But look at the grassroots corruption and the other ones. How much are people talking about them? Very little. It never was about corruption. But always been about getting rid of Taksin.

  • And a coup?

The momentum is against using tanks, but there are other ways to take control and I think the military is eveluating them.

  • I am sorry, but I am sort of pissed that you said Taksin is bad. Because I think he is a victum.

Don’t be sorry. I am open. I was also a part of Taksin and looking back, we took Thailand into the future too quickly and it caused structural problems. But not to do so is also suicidal, then doing it is suicidal to Taksin and me. We had little choice with globalism. Then today, you have a repressive government going global. Things might be getting worse. At least back then we were a regional leader.

  • Thank you very much again, but just one last question. You are one of a very very few foreigners to ever address a high level Chinese Communist internal gathering, so what do you think of Asia?

You have to be a client of my advising firm to get my answer on that. But just for a teaser, many global billionairs I advise are looking for where to put their money. And my answer to them is……..