Work From home with Nano Ganesh
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Work From home with Nano Ganesh

It is not the privilege of IT folks any more. Work from home has just gone rural. And come to think of it  – it makes more sense in rural areas. Ossian agro automation’s product called Nano Ganesh lets farmers remotely control the irrigation pumps.


Tata Teleservices Ltd today inaugurated a pilot project at Sojitra in Anand district of Gujarat that allows farmers to operate their irrigation pumps from remote locations without having to travel to the farm. (Business Line)

Nano Ganesh will help farmers who live in areas with erratic power supply – that is tatalogo-thumb  most of India. It saves a lot of time, effort and money.

How does it work?

Farmers using this service will have to buy a Tata Indicom mobile connection and a mobile modem that will be attached to the starter of the pump set. After registration, the subscriber (farmer) will be provided a unique code number.

Using the mobile handset, the farmer can remotely switch on and switch off the pump set with the assigned code number.

The farmer can also check the on/off status as well as the availability of power by a particular tone

Now that the farmers don’t have to go to the farm anymore our health minister might have a problem with Nano Ganesh. As per our health minister lack of electricity is the main reason behind India’s population.