Chosun Ilbo Finds Two Unqualified Teachers
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Chosun Ilbo Finds Two Unqualified Teachers

Read it and weep, folks. research has uncovered a case where a foreigner who had committed a crime in her native country was able to enter the country and work at a domestic university, and another where a foreign language instructor sent a false academic history to local authorities.

But our research showed that when the facts came out, the domestic institutions that employed them did not report them to authorities, did not fire them, and did not receive letters of resignation from them.

Becasue of this, we learned, there are not a few instances where foreign language instructors of questionable character have been able to work in domestic educational institutions. Unqualified native speaker instructors are able to freely evade legal enforcement.

48-year old Canadian Mr. M, who was stripped of his lawyer’s license for embezzling public funds and bribery, has spent the past several years as a professor at various domestic universities, research found. This person was never once investigated by domestic authorities.

Mr. M lost his lawyer’s license in Edmonton in 1995 for a year after committing nine instances of embezzlement, bribery, and theft. Mr. M lost his lawyer’s license after violating the law and committing endless crimes.

Afterwards Mr. M left Canada and came to Korea as a “professor”, and taught English at various domestic universities. At the beginning of 2005 he signed a two-year contract with university A in Seoul, and delayed for over one year submitting the criminal record check demanded by the university.

The school then realized the Mr. M was not a person who carried the qualifications to be a professor. The school allowed him to resign rather than be fired. Police were, of course, not informed.

Mr. M then moved around to various schools where worked as a teacher, our investigation found. He joined university B outside of Seoul last year, and a school official confirmed that he was fired after a student discovered his criminal background.

But a representative of university B confessed that the incident was covered amidst worries that there would be rumors that, “we hired a teacher with a criminal history of theft and bribery.” A police investigation was not commenced and Mr. M moved to Hong Kong, where he is currently a professor.

A member of the National Police Agency said, “many times when a school learns it has hired a criminal it recognizes its mistake and does not report it.”


Ms. E with students, who tragically do not realize the mortal danger they are in.

The case of 33-year old English teacher Ms. E, a high school graduate from Australia, is shocking Seoul citizens due to her low character. Ms. E worked as an English conversation instructor in a local government office in Seoul from 2007 through last month after lying about her academic background.

The government office involved said, “she was hired after being recommended by a banking business… Several times during her employment we requested her diploma but she never delivered it.”

Asked why they did not fired her even though she did not deliver her diploma, a representative of the office said, “there was no problem since she was qualified to work in business and was able to teach children.”

Starting a year ago, we learned, many parents and citizens had informed about her false academic credentials. One parent said, “the government office must have known but didn’t do anything about it,” and when the situation grew serious last month the office belatedly fired her but did not inform police.

Police were informed of Ms. E’s case by citizens. But without any legal provision for punishment the investigation let her go free. A member of the police who was involved said, “although she may do the same thing again (lie about her academic credentials), it is difficult to punish her because the law makes no provision for punishing foreign instructors.”

In the end Ms. E, who spent two years as an English instructor after lying about her academic credentials, is still staying in this country.  Ms. E is currently working as a foreign actress in domestic film and television and is being managed by a talent agency.