Top 100 brands of India
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Top 100 brands of India

Excitement can be created; trust must be earned. – Unknown

Nokia continues to be India’s preferred and most famous brand. Not bad for a Finnish company trying to sell products in the fastest growing telecom market.

After Nokia the next brand which is not a FMCG product is Reliance Mobile. This trend continues for the rest of the list.

Few non-FMCG brands are sandwiched between bunch of FMCG brands. This list is compiled from ET’s slideshow. Read my complete analysis after the list.

India’s Top 100 Brands :

  1. Nokia: The top brand in India comes from Finland.
  2. Colgate
  3. Lux: Hindustan Unilver Ltd
  4. Lifebuoy: Hindustan Unilver Ltd
  5. Dettol: This is like Xerox. 90% of the people don’t know alternative for Dettol. There is one I know of called Savlon. And Lifebuoy has its own product but Dettol is the brand.
  6. Horlicks
  7. Tata Salt
  8. Pepsodent
  9. Britannia
  10. Reliance Mobile : Bummer. It is not Airtel but it is Reliance Mobile. I am sure most of the brand value is coming from the name Reliance.
  11. Close-up
  12. Airtel
  13. State Bank of India
  14. Glucon D
  15. Clinic Plus
  16. Pond’s
  17. LIC: People don’t ask if you have insurance. People ask if you have LIC. Most of it can be attributed to the closed economy of India where LIC is the only insurance company.
  18. Fair & Lovely
  19. BSNL
  20. LG
  21. Good Knight
  22. Parle Products
  23. Bisleri – Again a Xerox moment. People ask for Bisleri water and then choose Aquafina or Kinley or whatever is availble. I did not know Bisleri was a brand until few years ago.
  24. Tata Tea
  25. Vicks: I cannot think of an alternative to this.
  26. Pepsi
  27. Ariel
  28. Dabur
  29. Frooti
  30. Vodafone
  31. Mirinda
  32. Coca-Cola
  33. Hero Honda
  34. Bournvita
  35. Maggi
  36. Bata
  37. Tata Indicom
  38. Sony
  39. Thums Up
  40. Titan
  41. Surf
  42. Philips
  43. RIN
  44. Godrej
  45. Videocon
  46. Maaza
  47. Amul
  48. Samsung
  49. Johnson & Johnson
  50. Head & Shoulders
  51. Complan
  52. Sunsilk
  53. Samsung Mobile Phones
  54. Fevicol
  55. Iodex
  56. All Out
  57. LG Mobile Phones
  58. Limca
  59. Cadbury
  60. Fanta
  61. Rasna
  62. Zandu Balm
  63. Dabur Amla
  64. Onida
  65. Asian Paints
  66. Cinthol
  67. Moov
  68. Sony Ericsson
  69. 7 Up
  70. Hajmola
  71. Amrutanjan Balm
  72. Tide
  73. Pantene
  74. Vim
  75. Wheel
  76. Parachute
  77. Boroplus
  78. Boost
  79. Vaseline
  80. Mortein
  81. Motorola
  82.   Maruti
  83. Rexona
  84. Dove
  85. Sonata Watches
  86. Sunfeast
  87. Nirma
  88. Crocin
  89. Medimix
  90. Ujala
  91. VIP Luggage
  92. Bank of India
  93. HMT
  94. Sprite
  95. Pears
  96. Boroline
  97. Big Bazaar
  98. ICICI Bank
  99. Nestle
  100. Bajaj Motorcycles.


Quite an interesting list. The only car brand to be featured in the list is Maruti. A good indication that car penetration is low and wherever it penetrated Maruti has done remarkably well.

If we look at the individual sectors of telecom here are the top brands for telecom :

  1. Reliance Mobile
  2. Airtel
  3. BSNL
  4. Vodafone
  5. Tata Indicom

Predominantly the top players in the telecom space. But the noteworthy thing is Reliance Mobile is a better brand than Airtel. This always beats me. How could that be? The only explanation I can think of is the brand value it already gets from Reliance.

For all the ZooZoo magic and the brilliant ad campaign Vodafone is behind BSNL in brand value. BSNL has a broader reach than Vodafone.

Coming to the mobile brands, the top 5 mobile brands in India :

  1. Nokia
  2. Samsung Mobile Phones
  3. LG Mobile Phones
  4. Sony Ericsson
  5. Motorola


No surprises in the list except for one. Spice Mobile as I have mentioned earlier is supposed to be the #3 in the market share in terms of units sold. That counts for something to the brand value and brand recall. It doesn’t even feature in the list. Where are they selling?

Other notable brands in the list which do not have the same kind of advertising space or reach and most importantly which are not consumer durables or FMCG are State Bank of India, ICICI Bank and Big Bazaar.

Big Bazaar with its retail strategy has achieved quite a lot in the past 8 years. For a retail store to create a brand and make it to top 100 is no small feat.

Which brand do you think is missing? And, which brand do you think should not be here?

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