Mount Hosanna Chapel, Sri Aman
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Mount Hosanna Chapel, Sri Aman

This afternoon, I was trekking up the trail I last impressed in 1987. Due to time constraint, I fell short at Sri Aman. My last stop 22 years ago was right up to Lubok Antu, with a detour to Engkilili.

Around the 157km milestone along the Kuching-Sarikei Highway was this Mount Hosanna Chapel, a very eye-catching and unique architecture of three large white candles.


There were steps ascending to the chapel, very much akin to staircase to heaven.

HEAVEN FORBIDS. Regrettably, Paul and I couldn’t find our way in. The chapel is only open every Sunday 10am to 1.00pm. Have to wait for my readers to fill us in… why the three huge white candles?