Satit and the Media
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Satit and the Media

The Bangkok Post:

Prime Minister’s Office Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey yesterday told a seminar, "Thai Press Freedom: Would it fuel or quell the fire of conflicts?" marking World Press Freedom Day, the time had come for the mainstream media to strictly maintain neutrality.

They should not behave like cheerleaders at sporting events when reporting on political conflicts.

The media should report the truth, while professional media bodies should keep reviewing their own role, he said.

"Members of the media always call for press freedom," Mr Sathit said.

"Let’s see how they are going to regulate themselves and the ones that have been used as political groups’ instruments."

The minister said the government right now was more concerned about the impact of short message services (SMS) via mobile phones as they can also be misused to spread disinformation.

The Nation:

"So why do [the media] need freedom?" Satit asked.

BP: Previously, he stated he wants to use the media, including state media, in a "war" with UDD. He also wants to worryingly coordinate with the Ministry of Defence in this public relations effort as PRD reports:

Moreover, Mr. Satit revealed that the Public Relations Department and the Ministry of Defense would join hand in holding negotiation with radio stations assigning them to inform the public to be concious of receiving informations