Top 25 Telecom companies in the world (based on brand value)
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Top 25 Telecom companies in the world (based on brand value)

The list is for 2007 and is done by Brand Finance for top 25 global telecom leaders. I know this is old but found it appropriate to post.  This list is also appropriate in the wake of growing global ambitions of Indian telecom companies and growing Indian ambitions of global telecom companies.

Bharti Airtel has operations in Sri Lanka and Jersey. BSNL is bidding for license in African nation of Tunisia. Reliance Communications almost made a footprint in Africa with its proposed MTN merger. That deal did not go through. But, it did not stop the global ambitions of Indian telecom companies.

Even global telecom providers has increased their appetite for Indian telecom pie. Vodafone bought the share of Hutch to gain a significant foothold in India. It is the top brand in the world now. NTT DoCoMo has bought a stake in Tata Teleservices. Telenor bought a stake in Unitech Wireless. MTS started its operations with its joint venture of Sistema Shyam Telecom and re-branded it to MTS India.

The study conducted by UK based brand valuation firm Brand Finance Plc, uses a methodology called “royalty relief”. This takes into account several factors mixed up to come up with the brand value of the company. Brand value is not tangible. (

Bharti Airtel with its brand is the only Indian company in the list. Remember this list is not based on the total subscribers. If that is the case at least 4 Indian companies and 2 Chinese companies would be on the list. This is based on the Brand Value or Brand recall of these brands across the world.


Rank Brand Parent Company Brand Value ($bn)
1 Vodafone Vodafone Group 26.59
2 AT&T AT&T 24.6
3 Verizon Verizon Comm 24.38
4 Orange France Telecom 18.35
5 China Mobile China Mobile 13.87
6 Telecom Italia Telecom Italia 9.43
7 T-Mobile Deutsche Telekom 8.96
8 Movistar Telefonica 7.95
9 NTT DoCoMo NTTC 7.54
10 BT BT Group 7.29
11 Sprint Sprint Nextel Corp. 7.07
12 Telefonica Telefonica 6.33
13 Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel-Lucent 5.16
14 America Movil America Movil 5.08
15 Telstra Telstra Corp. 4.64
16 O2 Telefonica 4.62
17 China Unicom China Unicom 3.45
18 Qwest Qwest Comm Intl 3.06
19 SoftBank Softbank Corp. 3.02
20 KDDI KDDI Corp. 3.01
21 Telenor Telenor 2.97
22 Swisscom Swisscom 2.96
23 MTS Mobil TeleSystems 2.79
24 CNC China Netcom Group 2.55
25 Airtel Bharti Airtel Ltd 2.48


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