Teacher: OK Girls, Off With Your Skirts
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Teacher: OK Girls, Off With Your Skirts

Efforts at banning corporal punishment continue to be futile down in Gwangju, where the creativity apparently never stops. (Hat tip to Brian.)

A fact-finding investigation of the Gwangju City Office of Education has confirmed that a female teacher at girls’ high school “C” used corporal punishment on students after making them remove their skirts because they had received poor grades.

The Office announced on the 28th that, “our investigation of the teacher and students concerned found that an English teacher, during a lesson, administered corporal punishment to the students after having them remove their skirts.”

According to the investigation, the female English teacher had the students, who had done poorly on a pop quiz, remove their skirts and duck-walk around the teacher’s desk.

A similar punishment was meted out to over 10 students who scored 0 on a pop quiz last month.

Some of them removed their skirts and spent two to three minutes with their knees bent before returning to their desks, and others removed their skirts and walked to the teacher’s desk and back, the Office explained.

The teacher at issue explained to the investigation, “I gave the extremely low-scoring students a choice between taking their skirts off or being hit on the forehead.”

But some of the students criticized her, saying, “the students didn’t ask for the punishment, we had to take our skirts off and walk around the classroom.”

A member of the Office of Education announced, “because she was aware of the students’ objections but still used this method of punishment, as the investigation confirmed, a disciplinary hearing will be formed.” The Office has said it will strengthen corporal punishment prevention education for all teachers in the Gwangju area to prevent similar uses of corporal punishment.