Black Day, Orange Day
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Black Day, Orange Day

I hope y’all are enjoying your Orange Day. What? You thought it was only Black Day? Nope.


Every year on April 14th all the ‘solo’s who did not receive any gifts gather together and eat jajangmyeon on “Black Day”.

But in Japan, April 14th is a day for couples. Following Valentine’s Day and White Day, “Orange Day” is when they reaffirm their love.

Orange Day began in 1994 in Ehime Prefecture when the Japan Anniversary Association designated it a day for couples to exchange oranges as a way of showing their love.

Why oranges? In the West oranges bear a special relationship to marriage. This is because trees with many fruits symbolize prosperity and fertility.  Also, the flowers are a clear and clean white color, just like the new bride’s spirit.

In the West new brides put orange flowers on their bodies and men propose with orange fruits.

For these reasons they say western couples frequently give them as gifts. Interested in the concept, Japanese businesses began their orange gift campaign.

Ahead of this year’s Orange Day they have been holding an “Orange Day Cooking event” and selling oranges.

As Valentine’s Day, long a custom in the West, becomes commercialized there is increasing criticism over having a holiday for the 14th of every month. In Korea it’s not only jajangmyeon but also black coffee being associated with proposal events by coffee companies.

You can read more on Orange Day at Japan Probe. Also, the first sentence of the article above is oddly similar to the first sentence of the Korean Wikipedia article.