Shopping at Bossini and Giordano
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Shopping at Bossini and Giordano

If you happen to look for cheaper quality clothing while shopping in Hong Kong and ask a local, I am quite sure Giordano and Bossini will be among the shops he/she will mention. That’s because these brands are known for their affordable line of clothing and accessories without

Both Giordano and Bossini shops are easily found within Hong Kong. Bossini notably has bright green motif that should not be difficult to distinguish among the sea of shops aiming to attract customers. A slight glimpse on what’s inside is an alarm to the sales ladies and men who will definitely call your attention to come inside and have a detailed look at what’s in store. For those who have visited shops like Nautica, Ralph Lauren or even Esprit and G2000 would easily notice that prices for Bossini products are remarkably lower. And bulk sales make goods more appealing to the buyer. You’ll often see that shirts are sold discounted when bought in threes or more. Other shops sell items individually without discounts for multiple items. Maybe because this is what Bossini wanted to project itself as a brand: affordable yet presentable.

Certain tourists can’t help but make rough conversions from Hong Kong dollars to their native currency to gauge how affordable is such shirt or jeans they plan to buy. Even if Hong Kong is an expensive place to live, there are products that are cheaper to buy here than many other places. Count Bossini line of clothing as one of them.

Bossini dropped its old image and did a brand revamp early in 2007 which resulted to the brighter green logo, as well as launch of specialty products for expectant mothers, babies and youth.

Giordano sounds more familiar to me as I have been wearing its shirts long before I came to Hong Kong. On Sundays, their shops in Central are among the most crowded and draws mostly Filipinas that they have to hire Chinese sales people who could occasionally chant Tagalog. I believe Giordano shirts are best sellers for pasalubongs, and just about anything else are attractively priced, from belts to umbrellas that Filipinas bound for vacation back home can’t think of anything better that this offer.

Just like Bossini, Giordano also has its specialty line of clothing. Notable among these is Giordano Ladies, which tries to stay away from the common perception that Giordano is just about casual wear. In terms of brand awareness, Giordano Ladies is at the same level as U2’s UWoman line.

Contemporaries like Hang Ten (fewer shops) and U-Right (closed shop) offer similar quality products but have their own limitations.

I wish GAP would set up shop here.

Photo credit: JoseAlegria