Seoul Police Lost Counterfeit Money
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Seoul Police Lost Counterfeit Money

The husband called the police. The police gave him some forged notes. He used them to pay the kidnappers. One of the kidnappers got away. He is now living off the counterfeit money

Seven Million won of Fake Money in Circulation

The counterfeit currency given by police to the kidnappers of a Seoul bakery owner has entered general circulation. Seoul Gangnam police station have launched an investigation after they took a statement from 32-year old office worker Mr. Park, who sold his motorbike second hand through an internet selling site. “The seven million won I received for the bike seems to be all forged notes,” he reported. It was confirmed that the notes presented by Mr. Park match the serial numbers (EC1195348A) of the imitation 10,000 won notes used by the police in the kidnapping case.

On that day, Park came into receipt of the imitation notes at his house in Samsung-dong, where he handed over his 250cc bike at around 6pm. Police believe the man who bought the motorbike is the as-yet unapprehended kidnapper they have named as thirty two year-old Jong, and are currently focusing their energies on locating his whereabouts. Jong fled after he was given seventy million won counterfeit currency in exchange for the female bakery owner he had kidnapped.

The imitation money was new denomination notes produced by the police in August 2007. The notes are of such quality as to be indistinguishable from genuine currency at first sight. But upon closer examination, their 1mm larger size and lack of hidden design work becomes apparent. However, because of their sophistication, Park initially had no idea that they were fakes. “I only found out that they were counterfeit because of the serial numbers,” he declared.

Police are saying that the forged notes could circulate further. According to the statement of his accomplice, “Jong has no other money which he can use for his escape apart from 2million won that he made his hostage withdraw from her account.” Police expect that he will use more of the counterfeit money. “We’ve sent an official memorandum of cooperation to all Seoul police stations with regard to Jong’s use of the counterfeit currency and would urge all lodging facilities and restaurants to report [receipt of any of these notes],” they said.

Last week’s kidnapping of a Seoul bakery owner will surely be made into a movie sometime in the next ten minutes.