Tej Bunnag on Lese Majeste Laws
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Tej Bunnag on Lese Majeste Laws

Straits Times has some comments from a former adviser to the Thai King’s principal private secretary and Foreign Minister on lese majeste at a public lecture at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies:

"There are always lese majeste cases before the Thai courts. It takes up a lot of people’s time," he said. "It causes Thailand a lot of problems, we are fully aware of this."

"There is no question…of how revered the King is to Thai people, but to non-Thais, the severity of the laws is striking," said one participant at the forum.

Dr Tej replied that there were ‘moves’ to amend the laws but he did not elaborate.

But he also pointed out that Thailand’s lese majeste laws were not unique. Countries like Singapore, he noted, had laws protecting people from slander.

"Certain institutions in certain countries are very sensitive," he said. "You cannot compare the members of the royal family of the United Kingdom with members of the royal family in Thailand."

BP: A lot of problems? Wonder what kind of amendments, to make the law harsher or more lenient? (yes, am aware of that Senate Committee, more on that soon).