Ansan Child Beaten, Sexually Assaulted in Public Bathroom
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Ansan Child Beaten, Sexually Assaulted in Public Bathroom

Sick, sick stuff.

A female elementary school student on her way to school was abducted and sexually assaulted by a man in his fifties, and afterwards lay abandoned and injured for an hour in a public bathroom and nearly died.

On the 15th the Ansan Danwon Police Department arrested 56-year old Mr. Jo on sexual assault charges.

At approximately 8:20 am on the 11th Mr. Jo crossed over to and approached the 9-year old third grader by a building near her school, taking her into a first-floor bathroom, beating her head and stomach and sexually assaulting her before fleeing. In shock and left with serious bruises, the girl lay abandoned and unconscious in the bathroom for an hour, after which she recovered consciousness on her own and used her mobile phone to alert police, who moved her to a local hospital for treatment. When found the girl’s life was in danger from great loss of blood and at least one ruptured organ.

Police caught Mr. Jo at 5:40 am on the 13th at his alternate home in Danwon-gu after identifying him through closed-caption video recordings. Police seized Mr. Jo’s clothing and shoes and took his fingerprints and have sent his bodily fluids to the National Institute for Scientific Investigation (국립과학수사연구소) for testing, but Mr. Jo is denying all allegations.