Sulak and Lese Majeste
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Sulak and Lese Majeste

In an update to Sulak’s arrest for lese majeste (as blogged about here), Sulak last week had an op-ed in the Bangkok Post over his arrest for lese-majeste.
BP:  I am not sure what to limit the excerpt to be so read it in its entirety. On what Sulak writes, I agree with Dog Lover who comments:
If I read it correctly – and it is somewhat incoherent – Sulak is unhappy that he is charged with LM but considers Thaksin and his supporters and the current govt should all be accused (again and again) of LM. He then says the law is over-used and lacks meaning (presumably not when it is used against his enemies).
It does seem that there were more LM charges thrown about under Thaksin’s govt than immediately previous govts. However, it must be recalled that much of this had to do with being seen to be loyal. Indeed, Thaksin’s govt did go on the warpath over the publication of the Handley book in what was largely a show of loyalty.
In this article, Sulak takes a rather too personalized approach to LM when he might have taken a more principled approach. But that is Sulak I guess.
BP: What I don’t get is that Sulak states he was indicted on April 4, 2007 and a request for appearance in November 2007 in regards to a previous lese majeste charge, but seeks to blame the “Thaksin regime” for this. Wasn’t Thaksin out of power at this stage? In regards to the dropping of the lese majeste charges against him, weren’t the same charges dropped against everyone (i.e Thaksin as well – see here and here -  actually the newspaper articles only referred to Thaksin, but all the other lese majeste charges were dropped at the same time)? He makes it appear that