Jakrapob and Conspiracy Theories
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Jakrapob and Conspiracy Theories

While the vitroil isn’t there like at the PAD rallies some of the “theories” are equally as bizarre. The Nation:

Jakrapob revealed that the visa cancellation of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his wife by the United Kingdom was sought by a former Thai foreign minister [BP: Prasong ?] who promised to protect the interest of the UK in Phuket in exchange for the visa revocation in order to humiliate Thaksin.

Matichon reports that Jakrapob framed it as the backstory behind Thaksin’s visa revocation. Jakrapob is paraphrased as saying that three days before the revocation that the former foreign Minister went to the UK and that senior UK officials came to Thailand. In these negotiations there was talk about protecting land/property of certain people in Phuket in exchange for the visa revocation.
BP: Now, it is certainly possible that the UK government is concerned about the interests of UK nationals and businesses and made this clear to the Thai government, but that there was some quid-pro-quo negotiated with a former foreign minister just makes no sense  - is there any guarantee this former foreign minister will be able to help at all? Aren’t some of these land/foreign business act problems the direct result of the nationalists who passed legislation when the coup leaders were in power?