Brand New Jokes about the Thais and Thailand being told Around the World
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Brand New Jokes about the Thais and Thailand being told Around the World

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19.54-Brand New Jokes about Thais and Thailand!

Joke One: Guess Why the Thai Government Office is located at the Airport? Answer: Because the government there always need a quick get-away from the mob.

Joke Two: How many times does the mob in Thailand say they have won, in a day? Answer: It depends on how many times they jerk-off in a day.

Joke Three: Guess what the Thai courts ruled against Thaksin today? Answer: They ruled that Thaksin should go straight to jail without a trial.

Joke Four: Guess what country  want to stop democracy because it thinks the people are too stupid to vote? Answer: I am not sure but is it between Germany under Hitler or Thailand under the mob.

Joke Five: Why does the non-violent mob in Thailand carry guns, bombs and knives? Answer: Because they think a good peaceful protest comes after a good violent protest.

Joke Six: Why did Thaksin put all the money he made or corrupted, openly in Thai banks? Answer: Because he didn’t watch enough Thai TV to see how jealous Thais are.

Joke Seven: What happens when a Thai Airways captain, a Thai doctor and the Thai government meet? Answer: The doctor beats up the government and the captain throws the government off the plane.

Joke Eight: How long will the Thais go on fighting among themselves? Answer: Until they develop a human brain and stand straight.

Joke Nine: Why does the Thai mob full of hate and anger? Answer: Because the more they protest, the more sympathy the government gets.

Joke Ten: What ever happened to the easy going and smiling Thais to make them so up-tight now days? Answer: They got screwed up the butt too many times by the mob.

Joke Eleven: Where did Hitler, Pol Pot, Iddy Armin and Stelin go to school? Answer: Thailand’s best universities; Chula and Thammasart.

Joke Twelve: What is the Thai military good for except for staging coups? Answer: Saying how much they love democracy after the coup fails.

Joke Thirteen: Who is really behind the Thai mob? Answer: Keep looking high-up and you will find the answer.

Joke Fourteen: How many constitutions did Thailand have so far? Answer: How many times can Jordan score in a basketball game?

Joke Fifteen: What does Thai doctors check first-the blood pressure, the weight or the temperature? Answer: Non of the above-they check your political views first.

Joke Sixteen: Why is the Wall Street crisis not hurting Thailand? Answer: Because the mob did a better job destroying the Thai economy.

Joke Seventeen: Why does the Thai courts, the Thai mob, the Thai civil servants, the Thai academic, the Thai royal blood, and upper-class Thais hate the government so much? Answer: Because the government stops them from screwing the poor.

Joke Eighteen: How comes the Thai mob gets away from doing so many illegal things? Answer: Because the Thai courts likes getting it up the butt from the Thai mob.

Joke Nineteen: Why is the Thai government so weak? Answer: Because it was ganged-bang too manty times by those in the alliance for dictatorship.

Joke Twenty: What is the future of Thailand? Answer: Going from a developing country, to an under-developed country, to a country waiting for hand-outs, to a basket case of a country.