Red and Yellow : Color Psychology
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Red and Yellow : Color Psychology

One of those countless university courses I took back in the day when I was drinking too much getting an education was an advertising course and one think I remember was about the psychology of colors in advertising, particularly red and yellow, the two main colors of the “protest groups” in Thailand (yellow being the color of PAD; red the color of DAAD – the anti-PAD protest and pro-PPP group). Here is blurb on color psychology:

Colors play an important

Colors trigger a variety of emotions and memories. The interpretation of color depends on age, profession, nationality, and personal preference.

To know which colors will appeal to your readers, you must know your audience very well. Market research is extremely important. If you are serious about maximizing your profits, research your target market’s color responses. This will help you build a web site to which your target market relates.

In general, red, orange, and yellow are “exciting” colors while purple, blue, and green are “calming” colors. Keep this in mind when you are designing your web site. You must ask yourself how you want your visitors to react to your web design. Remember, your web design and the message you are sending are not separate entities. They are both intertwined and extremely influential to your visitors.

It is certainly no coincidence that McDonalds uses the colors red and yellow. They did intensive research before determining that those were the colors that would attract the eye. Bright colors like this encourage diners to eat and leave quickly. Take a look as you are driving down the street. There are now countless numbers of businesses who use red and yellow in their advertising.

Every country associates different meanings and emotions with different colors. Here are some color references in America:

* Red: excitement, strenth, passion, speed, boldness, determination, desire, courage

* Yellow: warmth, sunshine, happiness, comfort, energy

BP: For style, the normal selection of photos of PAD protesters likes to show trendy, young people or those who look nice – today’s front page on the Manager website has a big picture of the white-skinned girl here but even then you can see from one of the pictures the increasing number of older people at protests. The number of older females is quite high as a percentage compared to the 2006 protests.