Hong Kong Women Outnumber Men by 350,000+
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Hong Kong Women Outnumber Men by 350,000+

If you are in Central on Sundays you won’t wonder why I have the title in place. The disparity between male and female population in Hong Kong seems to get bigger. The latest government statistics showed that there were only 904 men for every 1,000 women in the city.

Hong Kong population last year stood at 3,287,400 men and 3,638,500. That difference is more than 350,000. This is in contrast with China’s overwhelming male population.

The age-group that has greatest disparity is at 35 to 39, with the ratio of only 733 males for every 1,000 females. If you are a single Hong Kong man in this category looking for a wife you can feel assured while if you are in the opposite sex, it becomes uneasy. However, I think it is silly to dwell in that kind of thinking as men in Hong Kong of such age bracket often marry women that don’t belong in that group. Many even cross the border up north to find their brides, which partly caused the number of unmarried women in Hong Kong to rise. The number of Hong Kong men marrying women from mainland China increased from 15,776 in 1986 to 21,888 in 2007, according to the report. By comparison just 4,315 Hong Kong women married men from China last year.

When we talk about this we often think of marriage and the unavoidable topic of whether many women don’t have equal chances of finding special someone.

More than romantic links between men and women, there is definitely social, economic and political impact influenced by the study.

For example, the number of women queuing for washrooms in Hong Kong can be awfully long as I observed, so the government can construct more facilities for the female gender.