Reliance into Mobile blogging – Big B
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Reliance into Mobile blogging – Big B

The obsession of Reliance ADAG with the Bachan’s continues. Just after signing a 1000 Crore deal with the Bachan family, Reliance has signed up Amitabh Bachan for mobile blogging via Big B. This is inline with twitter service but concentrated in India and works from mobiles. The feed updates are via SMS.

Some of the posts/tweets/sms (not sure what they call’em now) from Mr. Bachan’s MBlog are :

  1. Break over. Abhishek came over and we had lunch in my van. Now i am on his set just across. After shoot interview on tv.. Then rehearse
  2. Hospital scene. Emotional. Tears. Brings back many thoughts.. Ma, Dad. . Tough bearing up with them. Fans on set. . autographs, smiles, photographs. . Trials.

From the above 2 posts, there is nothing which we can make out really. Now does Big B really need to go through the SMS’s at this age. He has TV shoots, movies, blog, old age and now mobile blogging. Seriously, Big B needs a Big B(break). Big question is, if Big B is really sending those SMS’s.

That took a big tangent of what I wanted to say. Leaving Big B aside, Reliance ADAG via Big Adda has started Mobile blogging platform – Big B.

No, I am not going to use that. I like my keyboard better.