Dokdo Article Round-up
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Dokdo Article Round-up

Here’s a selection of Korean-language articles on the recent Dokdo flare-up:

Two organizations are taking a break from their candlelight vigils against US beef to protest against the Japanese.

The tombstone of the “first Dokdo citizen”, the late Mr. Choi Jong-deok, who died in 1987, has been moved to the westernmost of the two islets.

And of course, the foreign affairs section of Naver’s politics section has too many articles on the topic to summarize. Suffice to say that opposition politicians are trashing Lee Myung-bak, there is displeasure over the possibility of Japanese high school students being taught that Dokdo is Japanese, as well as baseless speculation over a military clash.

Update: Two more goodies. Two Korean women living abroad, in the US and Canada, convinced libraries in those countries to make some changes reflecting Korea’s ownership of the rocks. And with a hat tip to reader baekgom84, a group of American students carried signs to a baseball game saying that they heart Dokdo.