Chosun Ilbo: Foreigners Not Committing So Much Crime
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Chosun Ilbo: Foreigners Not Committing So Much Crime

Original article. Nevertheless something tells me I’ll always have stupid foreigner stories to translate.

As the number of resident foreigners passes 1 million fears are also growing over crimes committed by them, but so far they have not reached a serious level. Last year the crime rate among foreigners was 1.4% compared with the 3.5% rate among Korean citizens.

Also, the crime rate among illegal immigrants is even lower. This is because they wish to stay and work for a long time and thus intend to stay undetected. Dr. Choi Yeong-shin of the Korea Institute of Criminology (형사정책연구원) said, “it’s very difficult to asses the potential crime rate among illegal immigrants.”

Though the foreigner crime rate is low, the total number has rapidly increased along with the number of resident foreigners. In 2000 there were 3,438 crimes committed by foreigners, but in 2004 that total had tripled to 9,103 and in 2007 there were 14,524.

Accordingly the Ministry of Justice said in 2004 that it was necessary to restore a fingerprinting system. The then-government of Roh Moo-hyun rejected it as a potential violation of human rights.