Jakrapob Must Go!
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Jakrapob Must Go!

Yoon in one his videos* on his blog states that Jakrapob must resign: I have summarised it below:

Judging from what is happening in the political scene, he needs to go. Abhisit says Jakrapob’s thinking is “dangerous”. The public cannot put up with such a long torturous road as it plays out. Economic uncertainties are getting more serious everyday. Jakrapob’s speech was “trying to provoke his political opponents to confront the pro-government factions so a clash could take place”.

BP: Jakrapob gave the speech in August 2007 so how was he trying to provoke his opponents to confront the pro-government factions? Did he foresee the political victory by the PPP then?

A lot will hinge what Jakrapob says at the press conference on Monday, but he has received solid backing from Samak for the moment.

*I must say this is the first time I have watched one of The Nation‘s videos as they never worked for me before. However, a temporary switch from Firefox to Internet Explorer solved the trick.