Seoul National University: Foreign Students Welcome — Kinda
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Seoul National University: Foreign Students Welcome — Kinda

Seoul National University, which if you don’t know is one of the top 3 schools in the nation, is planning to recruit more “foreign” students, though their definition of a foreigner is not necessarily what you might expect. They also say they are looking for more rural (read:poor) kids and kids from special education programs.

Seoul National University announced on the 7th that beginning this year it will add an application path specifically for foreigners, following paths made for rural students and recipients of special education.

The beneficiaries of this new track for foreigners would be those whose parents are foreigners, North Koreans, and those who completed elementary, middle, and high school abroad.

Kim Yeong-jang, director of admissions at the university, said, “we have decided to impement this policy because the beneficiaries of the foreign-applicant track come from different schools with very different curriculums from Korea, and their backgrounds and talents bring needed experiences. They will be selected based on their individual environments, high school records, and potential.”