Leslie Lau, for Umno…
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Leslie Lau, for Umno…

Quiting Singapore Straits Times to run his own (corporate?) communications company, Leslie Lau finds time to write political commentaries for TODAY, a Singapore domain used to be dominated in the same paper by Malaysian Oon Yeoh since 2003.

Lau’s first piece is for Umno.

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His quotes are from the generation of Hishamuddin Hussein, the Son-in-Law, Abdullah Rahman Dahlan and Shabery Chik under patriarch Abdullah — that is poised to replace all the Umno old hacks.

Reading Oon Yeoh for years, I believe he would concur with Lau that this year’s Umno AGM would be a tame affair as general election is drawing near.

While Lau paints Umno as being moderate, I am also quite Yeoh would paint it as Umno being hypocritical.

What Yeoh would like do would be to juxtapose the Son-in-Law’s speechess last year with his so-called moderate tone this year — and highlight the hypocrisy.

The pattern has become an obvious trademark for all to see. Once you staccato by one year being racist and being moderate the other, it makes you a fake.

Go and do haj

Just yesterday, TODAY used an NST commentary by Ramlan said and Abdul Razak Ahmad. The pungent parting-shot was hardly a Leslie-stereotype. They quoted one Umno dirty joke about some aspiring candidates who had deferred their plans for pilgrimage to Mecca due to fears of a possible early general election.

“My advice to them is to go and perform their haj, which should be more important,” said Alwi Che Mat, an Umno state information chief.