Is Brian Gay?
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Is Brian Gay?

In mid-August an entertainment program drew fire for a segment in which one singer demanded another prove that he’s not gay, though as scandals go it’s pretty mini, much like the one involving a supposedly risque dance on Gag Concert.

“You think Brian is gay?”

The MBC entertainment program “지피지기” is being talked about and receiving complaints from subscribers.

During the broadcast on Thursday, the 16th, where Lee Sang-won participated as the guest performer in “Fire Engine”, Lee asked to Brian of “Fly to the Sky”, “you wear women’s clothes and made friends with the singer Eru, so what’s going on?” Brian was unable to hide his puzzled appearance and explained. He said, “I’m just good friends with Eru so you’ve misunderstood it. And yes, Eru sometimes comes to my house to hang out, goes to sleep and then leaves.”

MC Park Su-hong responded, “you’re pretty like Tae Jin-ah…” to which Brian said, “Right. I think of him as my son.” At that time Park seemed to be waiting and laughed and said, “as your son, or maybe your daughter-in-law…” Brian, pretty agitated, retorted, “look, doesn’t every man in the Republic of Korea have mostly male friends?”

In the end, Lee asked Brian to do push-ups to prove that he is a real man.

Viewers made known their displeasure. At a viewers’ discussion site criticism was written including, “because of this show ‘Brian is gay’ is a popular searchword now,” “the writers did such an incomprehensible thing just for higher ratings,” and “I think it’s a big problem that the broadcast sullied his reputation and made him a laughingstock.”