Crimes Go Up, Arrests Go Down
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Crimes Go Up, Arrests Go Down

As was reported in this post, the numbers of the top-5 most serious crimes have gone up for the last three consecutive years. Now in this article we learn that at the same time arrest rates have gone down every year since 2002.

The arrest rates for 5 crimes (murder, robbery, rape, theft, and assault) have consistently declined since 2002 while the numbers of such crimes being committed have recently increased.

On the 24th the police reported to GNP national representative Yu Gi-jun that the arrest rates for those 5 crimes have declined every year, from 84.2% in 2002 to 80.2% in 2003, 79.7% in 2004, 72.6% in 2005, and 72.3% in 2006.

Among those 5 crimes the arrest rate for theft, which 70.3% in 2002, fell precipitously to 42.8% last year.

Of those 5 crimes there were 455,840 committed in 2004, 487,847 in 2005, and 489,575 in 2006 .

Representative Yu said, “the sharp decline in the arrest rate for these 5 crimes has many causes including changes in the system of patrols, lax discipline, inferior conditions of police duties, and the inadequacy of the ability of the police to institute their own reforms, and calls for comprehensive action.”