Astro: Is CEO Rohana Rozhan done?
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Astro: Is CEO Rohana Rozhan done?

These days of buka puasa I am having is getting very interesting and intriguing.

Astro went to some length to get Rohana Rozhan appointed to the CEO position at Astro TV in May 2006.

Now words started to emerged why, in eight short months, she had to report to a new boss — a South African and a British subject named Robert Odendaal, starting February this year.

All these, when we hardly bid fond farewell to David Butorac.

Almost choked in sirap

Meanwhile, another Little Bird almost had me choked when I was savouring sirap in my mouth.

Is NDS saying YES with some sexy technologies from Country-I? Will Abe Peled’s platoon land here some day?

I have been attracted to NDS’s being implicated in breaking other companies’ satellite encryption schemes, notably the one involving a lawsuit brought by Canal Plus, and a 2002 story in Guardian about NDS laboratory in Haifa, for implication in similar activities.

I had more helpings of Arabian dates, thinking vaguely of the Six Day War. The nasi bryani kambing was great but thanks but no thanks.