Speedway racing debuts in KL tonight
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Speedway racing debuts in KL tonight

Malaysia opens a historical chapter in speedway motorcycle racing in Asia, tonight! (July 21).

On a low-key effort, a former rugby field near the Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex was converted into a Speedway Malaysia track.

July 19, the Malaysian Speedway circuit was certified fit for international racing after two Kiwi multiple champions, Andrew Aldridge and Sam Taylor rode the JAWA 500s to test the circuit, the first ever Speedway circuit in Malaysia.

Sam Taylor on the track, July 20

They each rode the JAWAs in 2 sessions of 4 laps on July 19, and they rode together last night, in preparation for their 3 demo races for the big day on July 21, tonight!.

Meanwhile, young Malaysian Rody Buang was given his first taste of the monstrous power of the 500cc JAWA under the watchful eyes on 9-time world Speedway champion, Ivan Mauger.

Malaysian racer Rody Buang at the end of his run, flanked by Ivan Mauger and Linden Warner

Last weekend saw the first official Speedway Malaysia practice sessions, participated by 6 entered teams.

The pracitoce session last weekend

This is no Mat Rempit show as Speedway racing requires strict coaching and discipline.

Do visit the temporary site at: http://speedwaymalaysia.blogspot.com for all the latest updates on the development of Speedway racing in Malaysia. It’s a first for Asia.

And come witness the first race weekend tonight, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Here is the location map.

All images courtesy Hanifah Yoong.