Hong Kong Loves Hyo-ri
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Hong Kong Loves Hyo-ri

Well, who doesn’t, I guess. This article from three years ago was brought to my attention by The Grand Narrative, and frankly I find it bizarre to see Korea — a nation noted for its dedication to the maintenance of pure bloodlines — going ga-ga over a pretty crude overseas reaction to one of its biggest stars.

“Hyo-ri’s got a huge chest!”

The Hong Kong media are using the title “big chest” for top Korean star and beauty Lee Hyo-ri in an exceptional feature story pulling in all eyes.

On the 9th and 10th Hong Kong dailies the Taeyang Ilbo (太陽日報) and Seongbo (星報) ran photos focusing on Hyo-ri’s bosom with the headlines “Hyo-ri is Korea’s sex goddess” (韓性感女神) and “A playful size” (勁幾Cup).

They praised her perfect looks, saying, “The queen of Korean entertainment Lee Hyo-ri has become the queen of big breasts. What other beauty can she accomplish as a woman?”

Furthermore, popular Hong Kong singer Joy Yung said, “I couldn’t look directly at Hyo-ri without feeling embarrassed (祖兒卑不敢望).”

In particular the media appraised her revealing clothes well, saying “Hyo-ri looks even more beautiful when in her revealing outfits.”

“World action star Jackie Chan also became enamored of her, flashing the perfect woman a big smile,” reported these papers, and also said that as Hong Kong’s new generation singer Joy Yung sat side by side with Hyo-ri for an interview she said “my chest seems to be smaller than hers”, revealing her sexy inferiority complex.

At the signing ceremony for her collaboration with mega entertainment group EEG, held in Hong Kong’s Ireland Shangri-la Hotel on the 9th, Hyo-ri grabbed the spotlight as she entered clad in an outfit that showed off about half of her chest line.

At least 20 paparazzi pursued Hyo-ri during her long stay from the time she entered the airport to her hotel, restaurants, and department stores, raining down a shower of camera flashes on Korea’s new sexy star.

When at EEG’s invitation Hyo-ri went the famous nightclub Dragon Eye, papparazzi who had been lying in wait outside the door pounced and she had to escape.

Hyo-ri will go back to Hong Kong this coming June to make an action comedy with Jackie Chan.