News at Seven Thirty
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News at Seven Thirty

Not long ago, the idea of flashing subtitles on the news stories on television screen for viewers to read was put into action. Similar to many TV screens in Hong Kong where Chinese characters translated from the news presenters, interviews and even soap operas, news stories are better understood by the audience.

Just when I tuned in late to ATV News for its “Main News” at 7:30 in the evening, I was able to hear Nick Waters sort of bidding goodbye to his loyal “Main News” audience for the past ten years on his presumably last assignment as a newscaster. I am not sure if he is leaving the company, but for him to stay ten years at ATV, providing an English voice to a predominantly Cantonese news airwaves of Hong Kong was a relief for a foreigner like me.

He joins Chris Lincoln, Anne-Marie Sim (Water’s partner in the Main News), Regina de Luna, Joe Kainz, Yonden Lhatoo and other prominent English-speaking reporters all of whom have been accompanying me in keeping in touch with the latest stories of Hong Kong and beyond.

When a reporter leaves his post, televiewers like me sometimes think where have they been: Did they leave their post? Were they assigned to another timeslot? A few will know until formal announcement is given and is a rarity in the industry.

I like watching the ATV World’s Main News or News at Seven Thirty over at TVB Pearl because both of them feature local stories: government plans and reports, accidents and crimes as well as peculiar stories from around Hong Kong. These segments have a local feel not found in morning news feeds like the World News Tonight or Sky News. It’s like preferring to read South China Morning Post’s City section over the headlines or sports news.

I have been fascinated by Asia which is why I was so fond of the defunct Focus Asia as well as BBC’s Asia Today and Football Asia.

Another TV feature that sends me little shiver is Earth Live. Seeing places on television that I have been to (example shown on Earth Live was Vienna, Dusseldorf and The Hague) projects a special feeling in me.