Nasi (Kandar Perth) dah bungkus…
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Nasi (Kandar Perth) dah bungkus…

Puteri Nasi Kandar, otherwise known as Nasi Kandar Perth, has closed shop barely five months after the premiere opening.

Puteri_NasiKandar_20061229  Yes, we are talking about the Nasi Kandar Perth that launched PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi into infamy during the Johor floods late last year.

If you remember, January 10, Malaysiakini ran an expose that revealed Abdullah had deemed it fit to be in Perth opening the nasi kandar restaurant, set up by his brother Ibrahim and Penang tycoon Lim Ewe Jin, rather than spending time with the country folks when disastrous floods hit Malaysia’s southern region, taking 17 lives and displacing 90,000 people.

However, Screenshots reader Phil Brown, an ex-Malaysian now living in Perth, yesterday found to his surprise that the restaurant has closed for good. He took some pictures of the closed shop to give you a good treat:




Pictures courtesy Screenshots reader Phil Brown, Perth

“Although the service has always been bad, the food was pretty good by Perth standards,” said Brown..