Our New Guardians : Elections are “evil”
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Our New Guardians : Elections are “evil”

In an update to the below post our our guardians, the Nation reports on what the guardians think elections:

Former judge turned charter drafter Wicha Mahakhun yesterday hit back at scepticism over the constitution giving judges the power to select members of the senate and independent organisations, saying the judges had won the trust of His Majesty the King.

We all know elections are evil, but [why do] many people still want to see history repeated?” Wicha told a public hearing on the draft charter held by the National, Economic and Social Advisory Council (Nesac) yesterday.

COMMENTS: Elections are evil? No wonder he was chosen to draft the new charter. 

“People, especially academics who want to see the constitution lead to genuine democracy, are naive,” he said. “Electing senators is a problem, as seen in the past, so why don’t people want judges to help select senators?

COMMENT: So how will judges select senators? You know what will happen is that they will together and have a vote. This is what is called an “election”, but not like this junta lackey would understand that. But as long as it is done by the “guardians”

“I would like to recall HM the King’s speech here. On April 9, His Majesty told the judges to perform their duties firmly and without caring what others might say. His Majesty said if the courts did not support good people, society could not survive. His Majesty said it was most imperative [for judges] to ensure justice,” he said.

Even HM the King places trust in the judges; would you condemn them?” he asked, adding that most people the drafters had met during their fieldwork wanted to see senators appointed at a Supreme Court meeting.

COMMENT: This is where the country is heading towards. You know what will happen is that you will start to get lese majeste charges against those who criticise judges.

Again, I will ask “who will guard the guardians?” The answer is no one, they will be a power unto themselves. With politicians you can throw them out of office. Our new guardians have more power than ever before. Will we even be allowed to criticise them?

Thanks to Patiwat for pointing out the article.