Negotiating a Settlement with the Insurgents?
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Negotiating a Settlement with the Insurgents?

A few days ago it was reported that Sweden had offered to help broker a peace agreement between the Thai government and the insurgent groups in the South. The Thai government has declined the offer. Sweden is home to the following:

Lukman Lima, the acting head of the Pattani United Liberation Organization (PULO), New PULO’s Arong Mooreng, and Bersatu’s Wan Kadir Che Man, Wan Sulaiman and Samsuding Khan.

Just a quick comment. As the Guardian explains:

no one ever claims responsibility for their actions or articulates their ultimate goals.

Who would the Thai government negotiate with? The Thai government would have to talk with a representative of a group(s) responsible for the violence. By any representative of a group coming to the table with the authority to speak for that group this would be at least a tacit admission that this group was responsible for the violence. Why would any group do this now?

By not claiming responsibility, the groups behind the violence make it easier for idiots to advance conspiracy theories of the CIA (according to a Democrat MP) or the Thai government (according to a NRC committee member) being behind the violence. Unfortunately, there are people which will believe this and this only hinders the government in solving the situation in the Deep South.

I personally doubt whether the insurgents would even want to negotiate want the government at the moment. As Zachary Abuza has pointed out that the insurgents have been making good progress, so why would they want to give up the progress they have made now?