Flying Yangban: A day at the tracks
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Flying Yangban: A day at the tracks

I recently took a trip with Dram Man to Seoul Race Course, where he taught me how to lose money betting on horses.

It is actually a pretty relaxing and cheap way to spend the afternoon.  Admission is something like 1,000 won.  Add 1,000 won for a program and maybe 2,000 for snacks and you are still well under the price of a movie ticket.  That leaves you with plenty of money to blow betting on the races.  OK, I didn’t lose that much since I never bet more than 1,000 won on a race.  In fact, my net loss was only 1,400 won for the day.  There are few things you can do in Seoul for that kind of money.

So, if you have an afternoon to kill with a friend, I can think of worse things you can do.

One thing I would recommend is that you pick up some gimbap or other snack before you get on the subway for the trip.  The snack selection there is pretty weak and I didn’t notice any food vendors on my way in.

Here are a couple of pictures to give you a feel for the place:

horses  Doh!  I had almost bet on 10 to win this race.  That would have put a big 7,000 won in my pocket and paid for the whole afternoon at the track.  My horse?  Number 8 (naturally, not even in the shot).

seoul_race_track_grandstand  The old grandstand.  We sat in the damned foreigner section of the new grandstand most of the afternoon but you definitely feel a more charged atmosphere in the old one.