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Korea: City-hired ‘thugs’ forcefully evict Gangnam street vendors
Violence grips Thai capital on eve of vote; 7 hurt
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4 injured in Vietnam Samsung factory riot [VIDEO]
Sea Shepherd locates Japanese whalers, exposes slaughter
Singapore: Little India riot videos

Singapore: Little India riot videos

Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013
Emotional Thai PM insists she will not resign before polls
Taiwanese animation on Yingluck and Thai political crisis
Bird steals camera in Australia, records journey [VIDEO]
Eyewitness typhoon footage shows house being swept away [VIDEO]
VIDEO: Cambodia’s brutal protest crackdown
Tough-talking mayor in tears after visit to typhoon-ravaged city
Woman damages ‘Kinetic Rain’ sculpture at Singapore airport (VIDEO)
Cute Japanese dog begs kitten to play [VIDEO]
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What was Abhisit thinking when he made his ‘stupid bitch’ remark?
Watanabe: New ‘Unforgiven’ honors great filmmaking
China official with pricey watches stands trial
VIDEO: Assange dons wig in Australian Internet parody