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Suthep Thaugsuban at Lumpini Park on Saturday, March 1, 2014 (Photo: Casey Hynes)

Suthep, Bhum Jai Thai, and the Buriram connection

By Mon, Mar 24, 2014 12:15AM UTC Comments Off Suthep Thaugsuban at Lumpini Park on Saturday, March 1, 2014 (Photo: Casey Hynes)

Just over a week ago, the Bangkok Post had an interesting snippet: Sohpon Zarum, a key figure in the Bhumjaithai Party, often popped backstage at the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) rally sites some time ago before the venues were merged into the Lumpini Park stage. The former transport minister is a close friend of...

What is likely to happen to the Yingluck government?

By Tue, Mar 11, 2014 10:00AM UTC Comments Off Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Pic: AP.

Over the last couple of weeks, BP has been seriously thinking about what is likely to happen to the Yingluck government. Due to time constraints, BP has not been able to completely finish the post, think through all scenarios, and recheck all information (have seen some information indicating possible legal problems/something will happen, but sometimes it is difficult to confirm what is the basis for this). ...

Inside Lumpini Park: Thai anti-govt protesters vow to stay the course

By Tue, Mar 04, 2014 1:06PM UTC 6 Comments Vendors sell t-shirts celebrating the "Pop Corn Warriors," masked gunmen who came to the aid of protesters during a violent confrontation in early February. (Photo: Casey Hynes)

One month ago, 65-year-old Burana Somchai made the long trip from his hometown of Ubon Ratchathani to Bangkok. He set up camp in Lumpini Park and joined his fellow citizens to protest against the current government. ...

Thai PM Yingluck challenged to live TV debate by protest leader Suthep

By Fri, Feb 28, 2014 11:00AM UTC 3 Comments Thailand's caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, left, and anti-government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban. Pic: AP.

During the campaign for the 2011 general elections, then-prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva of the Democrat Party proposed a televised debate with his challenger Yingluck Shinawatra of the Pheu Thai Party, in the hope that the well-skilled public speaker could score some points against an at that time inexperienced and unproven politician - who ultimately declined. ...

Thailand: Who is really disseminating hate speech?

By Sun, Feb 23, 2014 10:00AM UTC 7 Comments Suthep Thaugsuban. Pic: AP.

The Nation with the headline Yingluck slammed for disseminating “hate speech” Caretaker PM Yingluck Shinawatra’s televised statement on Tuesday, in which she blamed protesters as being at the core of the controversial rice-pledging problems, has caused a misunderstanding, stigmatised and slandered others, said a member of the Academic Institute of Public Media. “Yingluck is the real...

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