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Inquire, explore, challenge, create: Research at Maynooth University

By Thu, Sep 18, 2014 4:35PM UTC 0 Comment

Combining tradition and innovation Since the 18th century, researchers and scholars at Maynooth have fostered a spirit of inquiry and scholarship rooted in the classical European tradition. That tradition of intellectual freedom informs the principles and values that make Maynooth University a uniquely scholarly and research intense institution. As a scholarly community in the 21st...

A Room of One’s Own

By Thu, Sep 19, 2013 12:30AM UTC 0 Comment

When I first started at King’s a year ago, my enquiries about a postgraduate office/workspace were met with blank stares and mumbles of ‘try the British Library’. I was disappointed as I’ve always had an aversion to working in libraries, especially the silent kind, and I’d been hoping that a workroom would be a space where catching up with colleagues would brighten the otherwise lonely business of doctoral research.Now with our shiny new Virginia Woolf building on Kingsway, I’ve got all I wanted and more. Not only bright, open-plan research space, but a kitchen and comfy sofas too. The best...

Back To Reality…

By Thu, Sep 12, 2013 1:55PM UTC 0 Comment

Every summer, I leave normal life behind for a few months and enter a parallel universe, or at least that’s how it feels working in the Social Programme Office at the English Language Centre at the University of Bath. Having always taken every opportunity to meet people from other countries and learn about their cultures, when a job first came up at the SPO, just as I was finishing my undergraduate degree in Bath, I jumped at the chance to spend all day every day looking after a large and diverse group of international students. I loved it so much...

IHS Cape Town Bursary 2012 winner: Nicola Alberts

By Fri, May 10, 2013 2:05PM UTC 0 Comment

Nicola Alberts is an 18-year-old Milnerton resident and winner of the Cape Town bursary in The International Hotel School Bursary Competition in 2012.

Nicola is a free spirited individual with a strong personality, who is always open for new opportunities and loves meeting new people. Her passion for the hospitality industry started from the age of 16, where she worked in restaurants and B&B’s on weekends to earn pocket money.

After winning the bursary, Nicola was excited to finish Matric knowing what lay ahead of her. She enrolled at The International Hotel School this year and is currently in her first...

MBA programs in Washington DC

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How to evaluate MBA programs in Washington DC

By Keegan Cassady, MBA candidate May 2013

Every year, employers seek increasingly qualified applicants trained and verse in business, making the MBA increasingly commoditized.  That said, not all MBA students enter their programs for the same reasons.  Some seek advancement, some enlightenment, some encouragement.  MBA students come from a myriad of backgrounds, running the gamut of ethnicities and ages.  There are four questions you need to yourself ask before jumping into this vital degree:

Does the program cater to my career goals?

At Mason’s MBA program, the degree is tailored not...

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