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Protesters wary of Hong Kong government’s offer of talks

By Fri, Oct 17, 2014 7:02PM UTC 0 Comment

On October 16, Hong Kong authorities announced that they are willing to have a discussion with the protesters. C. Y. Leung, the city’s Chief Executive and the foremost target of protesters’ anger, told journalists that the government would begin talks as soon as they could, “hopefully within the following week.”...

Unpicking the “Triple-Lock” of Ireland’s Defence Green Paper

By Wed, Jul 17, 2013 1:00PM UTC 0 Comment

By: Prof. Ben TonraThe Minister of Defence, Alan Shatter, has just published a long-awaited Green Paper on Irish Defence – precursor to a White Paper due in 2014. Interestingly, the immediate response from the largest opposition party has been to defend the principle of the so-called ‘triple-lock’. It is perhaps worth taking a moment to unpick this.The ‘triple-lock’ is a rhetorical trope devised during the Nice Treaty referendum debates in Ireland. Its first recorded use in relation to Irish participation in international peacekeeping that I have found is in the Irish Times on 26 May 2001...

One-child policy raises multiple issues

By Tue, Jun 11, 2013 5:09AM UTC 0 Comment

The one-child policy that China introduced in 1979 has prevented an estimated 400 million births. But its effects go beyond population control. Recent Monash University research shows that individuals who are only children as a result of the policy are less trusting (and less trustworthy), more risk-averse, less competitive, more pessimistic and less conscientious than similar individuals born just before the policy.Using a series of economic games to test responses, and working collaboratively with researchers from other institutions, Professor Lisa Cameron and Professor Lata Gangadharan from Monash assessed behavioural indicators such as trust and risk-taking in more than 400...

Leading the way, sustainably

By Tue, Jun 11, 2013 5:08AM UTC 0 Comment

Monash University has confirmed its position as a sustainability global leader, with the United Nations appointing Monash to head a Sustainable Development Solutions Network hub in Australia and the Asian region. It is only the second university to take up such a position. With the aim of ending extreme poverty, increasing social inclusion and sustaining the planet, the role involves mobilising research centres, industry and community organisations to develop practical approaches. The Monash program is supported in Australia by the Harold Mitchell Foundation, the National Australia Bank and the Australian Government. Monash Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Ed Byrne says...

GMAT Prepositions and Idioms Practice

By Tue, Mar 19, 2013 11:09AM UTC 0 Comment

I love when the GMAT Club post about prepositions and idioms. It’s a great way to quickly get an English lesson on something specific, useful, and important.

The GMAT verbal section heavily tests your ability with prepositions and idioms. Today’s post talks about two specific prepositions and the idioms they can be found in: “of” and “for”.

First, a few general comments about prepositions and idioms:

1) Prepositions are always closely followed by a noun or pronoun, or something that functions as a noun (like a gerund or a substantive clause).

2) Usually prepositions are singular. However, it is possible to...