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Chefs training at ICCA. Pic: ICCA Dubai

Hospitality industry booming as Dubai gears up for World Expo

By Mon, Jan 13, 2014 5:04PM UTC Comments Off Chefs training at ICCA. Pic: ICCA Dubai

With Dubai’s hotel sector being the fastest growing market outside of China and the United Arab Emirates’ successful bid to host the 2020 World Expo, the region’s growth and reputation as a business centre is set to keep soaring. As a tourist destination, Dubai attracts more than 9 million people looking for sunshine and perfect...

Australia: Kimberley multi-billion gas hub plan collapses

By Fri, Apr 12, 2013 3:36PM UTC 1 Comment Broom Community No Gas Campaign flashes a banner to celebrate win outside Woodside's Office. (Photo: BCNG)

Western Australia’s fantasy of making Kimberley the next Dubai and the world’s largest gas hub suddenly came crumbling down following Woodside Petroleum’s announcement today it is dumping its $45 billion LNG investment in James Point Price. Woodside CEO Peter Coleman admitted the gas project is economically unviable saying the company has been under cost pressure. He said James Point Price...

UK Scholarship Award 2012 launched

By Sat, Nov 03, 2012 9:35PM UTC 1 Comment UK Scholarship Award 2012 launched

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UK Scholarship Award 2012 launched Le Cordon Bleu London is pleased to announce the launch of our UK Scholarship Award 2012, providing you with the opportunity to win a place on our renowned Grand Diplôme with accommodation in London included. We are searching for motivated 17 to 20 year olds with a desire to gain the skills needed to create fine cuisine and pâtisserie, for the chance to study and live in one of the...

Kimberly gas hub sparks nationwide protests

By Wed, May 16, 2012 7:26PM UTC Comments Off Premiere Barnett dispatches police to support Woodside, Shell, Chevron, BP, BHP-Billiton, Mitsubishi and Matsui on the road to James Price Point. (Photo: Damian Kelly)

The dream of Western Australia to transform Broome into a dazzling New Dubai faces no paved road. The multi-billion Woodside Petroleum’s gas hub has ignited intermittent tensions between local residents and the police. The State Government dispatched a strong 140-200 police to James Price Point this week alerting  Green activists nationwide to join forces with Broome residents...

Filipino performer experiences own Mideast crisis

By Sat, Apr 07, 2012 7:09PM UTC Comments Off Carlos Celdran. Pic: AP.

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The last thing Filipino performer Carlos Celdran expected at the largest art fair in the Middle East was to be picked up by security officials, questioned, and ordered to remove political and religious references from his show. “It never occurred to me this would be sensitive,” Celdran said of his act...

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