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US budget negotiations setback drives stocks down

By Sat, Dec 22, 2012

PARIS (AP) — A failed attempt find a compromise in U.S. budget negotiations sent global stock markets plummeting Friday, as investors feared the world’s largest economy could teeter into recession...

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India News

Facebook targeting local content, greater access in India

By Mon, May 16, 2011

The last eighteen months or so have witnessed internet firms taking a closer look at growing their business in developing markets, with Asia in particular a major focus – thanks...

Philippines News

Visiting Asian tourism campaigns

By Tue, Dec 28, 2010

Tourist slogans are meant to entice visitors to a country, but unfortunately some seem to miss the mark and could even be the reason people don’t go there.  From the...

Thailand News

FCCT event: What are the pros and cons of the Thai government’s rice pledging scheme?

By Wed, Sep 21, 2011

8pm, Wednesday September 21, 2011 (tonight!)  at the FCCT there is an event entitled “Rice wars: re-opening old wounds“. Below is the blurb: Rice has always been more than just...

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Other Countries News

Opinion: Burma amnesty means nothing for political prisoners

By Mon, May 16, 2011

Burma’s state television and radio announced Monday that President Thein Sein signed a “general amnesty” order No. 28/2011 commuting death sentences to life imprisonment and cutting one year from prisoners’...

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