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China News

Tens of thousands protest Taiwan’s president

By Mon, Jan 14, 2013

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Tens of thousands of opposition demonstrators took to the streets of Taipei on Sunday to protest the policies of Taiwan’s China-friendly president, in the largest anti-government...

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India News

Asian countries adopt pledge to protect elephants

By Tue, May 24, 2011

NEW DELHI (AP) — Representatives of eight countries with large wild elephant populations pledged Tuesday to eradicate poaching of the animals and smuggling of ivory to ensure their survival for...

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Philippines News

16 inmates bolt Philippine jail using blankets

By Thu, Jan 20, 2011

COTABATO, Philippines (AP) — A mayor says 16 inmates have broken free from a jail in the southern Philippines by cutting the iron bars of their cell and using blankets...

Thailand News

11 Chinese sailors killed near Golden Triangle

By Mon, Oct 10, 2011

BEIJING (AP) – China’s Foreign Ministry says that 11 Chinese sailors were killed on the Mekong River while passing near the Golden Triangle and that two others are missing. The...

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Other Countries News

Thousands celebrate Buddha’s birthday in Nepal

By Tue, May 17, 2011

LUMBINI, Nepal (AP) — Tens of thousands of devotees chanted sutras and lit incense Tuesday at a temple in southwestern Nepal to celebrate the anniversary of Buddha’s birth. Police said...

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