Liberal arts education: the key to our global economy
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Liberal arts education: the key to our global economy

“You’re going to study English? It must be great to love a subject so much that you don’t need to eat.”

Thus, the recurring refrain common to the majority of discussions on liberal arts education resurfaces. While it cannot be denied that today’s graduates are being hurled head-first from tutorials into a heavily skills-based economy, conforming to the belief that science and technology are the only fields to facilitate professional survival is both short-sighted and inaccurate.

Earlier this year, the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and National Centre for Higher Education Management Systems released a report summarising the long-term career success of those with liberal arts majors compared to those trained in other disciplines. Advocates of STEM subjects’ superiority over the arts and humanities should pace themselves; 80% of employers agree that all college students should acquire broad knowledge in the liberal arts, while 74% would recommend a 21st-century liberal arts education, with its accompanying broad transferable skill-set, to young people as the best way to prepare for success in today’s global economy.


Pic: Students at Mount Royal University

Among the world-class institutions which offer exemplary, carefully tailored liberal arts education is Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada. Dedicated to recognising the individuality of each of its 12,000 students and maintaining a welcoming, supportive environment, Mount Royal offers programmes as diverse as Bachelor’s qualifications, Applied Degrees, Diplomas and University Transfer courses across its numerous Faculties, Centres and Institutes.

The University offers a comprehensive selection of Bachelor degree options, including Bachelor of Arts programmes in Anthropology, English and Policy Studies and Bachelor of Communications courses in Information Design, Public Relations and Journalism. In addition to studying a stimulating discipline which supports communication in the public interest, those who choose to pursue Journalism are encouraged to develop the ability to think critically, analyse data and write with concision and flair; such expertise are extremely versatile and prove invaluable among employers.


Pic: Mount Royal University

Those in search of an innovative, energising means of studying for a Diploma need look no further than Mount Royal, which offers high-quality tuition in Aviation, Broadcasting and Social Work. Students enrolled on the University’s Social Work programme are urged to be advocates for those in need and are supported in their instigation of positive change within local and global communities. The combination of comprehensive theoretical training and extensive practical experience of working with vulnerable individuals in Calgary and the surrounding area provides students with a transformative education which will allow them to excel as social work professionals.

Students at Mount Royal University enjoy immersion in not only the University’s vibrant campus lifestyle but also in the cosmopolitan city centre of Calgary. Besides Mount Royal’s array of campus services and sports clubs, which include new student orientation activities, cutting-edge IT labs and Cougar Athletics, students need only walk 15 minutes to discover Calgary’s retail outlets, coffee shops, art galleries and concerts. From the Calgary Centennial Arena and the Museum of Regiments to the Calgary Canoe Club and Marina, the city offers sites and activities which appeal to visitors of all ages and interests.

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