Foundation courses prepare international students for university

When British Chancellor George Osborne announced last week that £220 million would be spent in Science over the next five years, £106 million of which for postgraduate training centres, many rejoiced in the knowledge that the industry’s future was assured. The UK is already a leader in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and the Chancellor’s decision to keep investing in the sectors is a comforting one for the future that responds to the needs of the industry.

Arts and Humanities tend to be less talked about in the media, but as this article in the Guardian highlighted, the world needs humanities graduates, and those arts students actually have a lot to offer, especially if they graduate from well-established colleges and universities.


Pic: Arts students at Falmouth University

Most arts graduates will stand out from their peers and have completely different objectives for their future: where creative thinking, the ability to identify trends and to think critically, will be highly valued. Falmouth University, on the south west Cornish coast of England, offers an excellent Foundation programme in Art and Design to students from all over the world who are passionate about arts and ambitious practitioners. The Falmouth School of Art has a century-old pedigree of training artists in a beautiful and safe setting.

Falmouth’s Art & Design courses are ranked in the top 20 in the Times Good University Guide 2014, and Falmouth is ranked 1st in the UK and 2nd globally for the overall quality of their international student experience (International Student Barometer 2013). These are the sort of standards students should look out for when they are choosing a course.

Foundation programmes are a bridge to undergraduate study which provide the language and portfolio skills necessary for success. They are popular among international students who want to study art and design subjects at undergraduate level in the UK as it introduces them to Art and Design practices and theories as well as equipping them with the required English language skills.


Pic: Falmouth beach

Some Foundation programmes offer clearer routes to university than others, which can be a factor for students in their decision-making, along with the facilities on offer for creative courses. Falmouth University has invested over £100 million in industry-standard facilities since 2004, and is chosen by more than 300 international students from all over the world. Falmouth also offers scholarships  to international students, as well as a guaranteed progression into undergraduate degrees in fine art, illustration, fashion, drawing, and many more.

Falmouth is many international students’ favourite destination as it is small enough to be welcoming, yet focused enough to encourage creative practice. Study trips and work placements add to their overall experience and engagement.

Foundation programmes are getting more popular with international students as they provide a strong basis for future academic learning and equip them with a wide range of study skills they will need at university. Although they are offered throughout the UK, prospective students are advised to consider the pathways to university these programmes offer, as well as the quality of the English tuition and the activities organised around campus and by the Universities.

Find out more about the International Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Falmouth University, UK.