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North Korea threatens to attack South over leaflets

By Fri, Oct 15, 2010 7:22PM UTC

North Korea renewed its threat Friday to attack South Korea over anti-Pyongyang leaflets being sent into the country, a sign of lingering tension after the sinking of a South Korean warship. Civilian activists regularly use balloons to launch leaflets condemning North Korean leader Kim Jong Il across the heavily fortified

China goes after Nobel winner’s friends

By Fri, Oct 15, 2010 6:52PM UTC

In the week after Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize for his decades of promoting democratic change in China, dozens of people who openly agreed with his views say they have been detained, roughed up, harassed or kept from leaving their homes. The latest appears to be a woman

Vietnam bribe official ‘could face death penalty’

By Fri, Oct 15, 2010 6:37PM UTC

A Vietnamese man on trial for corruption involving a Japanese-funded road project he managed could face the death penalty if found guilty in a high-profile case that started Friday, a court official said. Huynh Ngoc Si is accused of taking at least $262,000 in bribes between 2001 to 2003 from

Burma junta blames ethnic Kachins for blast

By Fri, Oct 15, 2010 4:47PM UTC

Burma’s military government on Friday blamed “insurgents” from the ethnic Kachin Independence Army for a deadly landmine explosion, the latest indication of a toughening stance against ethnic minorities ahead of elections. The state-run Myanma Ahlin reported that a landmine blast Wednesday in northern Kachin state had killed two people and

Indonesian intolerance rising

By Fri, Oct 15, 2010 3:33PM UTC

Islamists target puppet shows, churches and diversity, reports Asia Sentinel Last Saturday night, a band of fundamentalist Islamic thugs showed up in the Indonesian town of Sukoharjo in Central Java and broke up a performance of wayang, the iconic Javanese shadow puppetry that is a symbol of Indonesian culture. Throwing