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Are the majority of the victims in Thailand’s Deep South Buddhist or Muslim?

By Thu, Feb 03, 2011 2:47PM UTC

BP has previously blogged about attacks against Muslims with statistics showing more Muslims were being killed by Buddhists  although that post is a few years old now. In regards to deaths, Isra News reports today that from Jan 4, 2004 until Jan 31, 2011 there were 4,186 deaths of which

Nepal’s parliament elects new prime minister

By Thu, Feb 03, 2011 2:30PM UTC Nepal’s parliament elects new prime minister

KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Nepal’s parliament has elected a new prime minister in its 17th attempt since the last government resigned last year. The parliament’s speaker announced Thursday that Jhalnath Khanal, leader of the Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist-Leninist), secured 368 of 601 votes. Khanal’s party is only the

Pakistani judge orders American held 8 more days

By Thu, Feb 03, 2011 2:13PM UTC

LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) — Authorities say a judge is allowing police to continue holding a U.S. Embassy employee who faces a murder charge in the shooting deaths of two Pakistanis. The case has escalated tensions between the U.S. and Pakistan. The U.S. says the American, Raymond Davis, acted in self-defense

Why China censors Egypt news

By Thu, Feb 03, 2011 2:00PM UTC Why China censors Egypt news

China can’t allow its people to see Cairo’s mayhem, writes Asia Sentinel’s Willy Lam Beijing is taking no chances regarding the possible impact that the “color revolutions” raging in North Africa and Middle East may have on China. While news about the dramatic events in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and surrounding

Philippines to fly out 26 citizens from Egypt

By Thu, Feb 03, 2011 1:48PM UTC

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine government says it will fly out the first batch of 26 Filipinos from the Egyptian capital this weekend. Foreign Affairs spokesman Ed Malaya said the evacuation flight will leave Cairo’s airport for Manila on Saturday. He said Thursday that the government is ready to

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