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Laos introduces vaccine to protect children from Japanese encephalitis

By Thu, Apr 02, 2015 12:15PM UTC

Laos took a major step toward improving public health on Wednesday, when it launched a campaign to vaccinate 1.5 million children against Japanese encephalitis. The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) helped the Laos government bring the Chinese-developed vaccine to the country, and hopes it will spur continued government investment

North Koreans get tech-savvy with contraband media players

By Thu, Apr 02, 2015 12:01PM UTC

Perhaps for the first time, North Koreans are becoming pop culture savvy. A Chinese manufactured handheld media player, dubbed the “note-tel,” has been rampantly smuggled into the notoriously closed off Hermit Kingdom, granting its content-parched populace access to snippets of international television films, thanks to the gadget’s multifaceted hardware.

Super Typhoon Maysak expected to weaken before reaching Philippines

By Thu, Apr 02, 2015 11:37AM UTC

HAGATNA, Guam (AP) — Officials say super Typhoon Maysak is expected to significantly weaken before reaching the Philippines around Sunday.

Critics miss the point, problem lies with hate speech law in Amos Yee case

By Thu, Apr 02, 2015 5:33AM UTC

Headlines in the international media typically associate the charges Amos Yee faces with the fact that his video was critical of the late Lee Kuan Yew. For instance, the BBC’s headline goes “Singapore charges teen over anti-Lee Kuan Yew rant” while The Guardian’s goes “Singapore teenager charged over critical Lee Kuan Yew video”. But that is misleading.

Thailand lifts martial law 10 months after coup

By Thu, Apr 02, 2015 12:07AM UTC

BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand’s king has approved a request from the country’s junta to lift martial law.