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Chinese journalists beaten for exposing ‘salamander banquet’

By Fri, Jan 30, 2015 10:59AM UTC Chinese journalists beaten for exposing ‘salamander banquet’

There are times when a detail can tell a whole story, and the death of a giant amphibious animal in Guangdong is one such case. It all began on Monday, when the Southern Metropolis Daily, a local Chinese newspaper, published the story of how three of its journalists were beaten by police after they caught officials banqueting on a giant salamander.

Thai junta blocks forum on media censorship

By Fri, Jan 30, 2015 8:41AM UTC Pic: AP.

BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand’s junta has forced the cancellation of a prominent civic forum examining its repressive media policies since the military toppled an elected government last May.

Tongue-Thai’ed! – Tough week for Prayuth ends in another tirade

By Fri, Jan 30, 2015 7:30AM UTC Thai Prime Minister Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha. Pic: AP.

This is part XXIX of “Tongue-Thai’ed!”, an ongoing series where we collect the most baffling, ridiculous, confusing, outrageous and appalling quotes from Thai politicians and other public figures. Check out all past entries here. It’s been quite an eventful week in Thailand and a challenging one for the military government. Not only did

New Yorker writer Peter Hessler says he didn’t write ‘China Daily’ op-ed

By Wed, Jan 21, 2015 11:06AM UTC New Yorker writer Peter Hessler. Pic: AP.

BEIJING (AP) — A New Yorker writer says the state-run Chinese newspaper China Daily faked an editorial under his byline. Peter Hessler said he was interviewed by the newspaper but did not write the piece and his words were taken out of context.

Vietnam government turns to social media to ‘guide opinion’

By Tue, Jan 20, 2015 1:10PM UTC Vietnamese girls use a laptop and smart phones to go online at a cafe in Hanoi. Pic: AP.

If there were two certainties to life in America – death and taxes – then there is one in foreign news coverage of Vietnam: censorship. Whether it is the locking up of many dissidents or the occasional release of one, the blocking or unblocking of social media sites or a brief release upon never-quite-stated strictures, it is as inevitable as typhoons are during Autumn on the country’s central coast.

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